Givers club aims to inculcate personal, interpersonal and social values in youth with high spiritual quotient in day to day life and subsequently inspire and train them to become perfect leaders for a better and brighter India

United Effort of alumni from many elite institutes all over the world to bring out a positive transformation in the lives of youth

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Lives of 58392 Youths Touched


Usually, in a blind search for happiness, people pursue the path of accumulation – of things, money, people, post, power, etc. However, when one gives out oneself and all that one possesses to serve as a humble instrument of Lord’s grace to alleviate the sufferings in this world, one receives the most priceless and greatest of all wealth – the heartfelt blessings of Lord and all beings. This vision transforms the entire paradigm of one’s existence. Now, the more one gives, the more one receives. One can always feel indebted for getting the opportunity to serve. We instill this as a core values of ours in each member of our club.


Youth is a phase of life where a person wants to explore life, make his own choices and decisions. They decide their role models in life from they derive inspiration and direction for their lives. India has the great legacy of ideal role model leaders – Lord Rama, Arjuna, Shivaji Maharaj and many more. We share such great examples of the past. Also, our club is an association of those who strive to live by such high ideals.


In order to serve others, one needs to work upon developing one’s own personal character. When the mind is plagued with vices like lust, greed, anger, pride, envy and illusion, one is seriously crippled in one’s ability to sincerely act for others’ benefit. Rather, one tends to exploit others for one’s own selfish egoistic pleasures.

One should also develop positive qualities like peacefulness, self-control, austerity, purity, tolerance, honesty, gratitude, etc. That will empower one to serve to the best of one’s capacity.

Such character can be nourished by regularly chanting of The Holy Names of God with devotion in association of like-minded people. This has been prescribed by all great wisdom literatures of the world.


This is the foundation of all the other items. One needs to know answers to the fundamental questions of life – “Who am I?”, “Why is the root cause of one’s suffering?”, “What is the goal of life?” and many more. One needs to practice oneself the process of self-realization. This empowers one to do real good to others based on realized knowledge. Otherwise, despite having good intentions to serve, one may even harm others.

We educate the youth on these vital principles based on the authority of great wisdom literatures like the Vedas, Bible, Quran, etc.

Reformers of society

 “If a person doesn’t have an ideal he’s ready to die for, he has nothing really meaningful to live for.”

Youth has dynamic energy to take up challenges. They wish to use their talents to transform the world for the better. However, it’s very sad to see the plight of youth today. Many become victims to various self-destructive habits and unhealthy lifestyles. With indiscriminate and enormous exposure to media and easy access to unethical, unhealthy pleasures, they are unable to keep a focused mind towards any meaningful pursuits in life. Instead of taking responsibility to reform the society, they are becoming more a liability to the society.

There is too much sorrow and confusion in this world to be complacent. In the spirit of “vasudhaiva kutumbakam”, this world is one big family under Lord, our Universal Father. Our club offers youth a platform to channelize their talents and youthful energy to bring about a positive change in our society.

Our Goals

Lives of 58392 Youths Touched